WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
19th Oct
vape rda guide

Vape RDA Guide

What is a Vape RDA? New vapers may not be familiar with all theterms, tricks and mods that come along with their vape, but that’s what makesthe journey so incredible. The type of vape deviceyou own will depend on your vaping experience – for example…

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12th Oct
Premium E-Liquids

Premium E-Liquids vs “Cheap/Regular” E-Liquids

One of the hottest debates in the world of vaping is whether or not Premium E-liquids are really that much better than regular or cheap e-liquids to justify their price. Each side has their own points of reasoning and make very compelling arguments as to…

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9th Oct
Leaking Vape Tanks

How to Avoid Leaking Vape Tanks

One of the most annoying things all vapers have experienced is having their expensive vape juice leak all over their mods, clothes and carry cases. While some vape tanks like the Smok TFV8 have issues leaking if not set up properly, leaks can occur with…

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5th Oct
ohm's law

Ohm’s Law

It may seem weird to have to relive your high school science classes, when all you want to do is build the most amazing vape, but sometimes those classes can come in handy. If you want to continue vaping safely you need to understand the…

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21st Sep
nicotine salts

E-Juice vs Nicotine Salts

When it comes to the fast growing world of vape a desire for more leads to fantastic innovation! Each new vape design is becoming more customizable and more personal than before: some people want a smooth vape experience (without the’ burn’), while others want a…

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14th Sep
quit smoking

Quit Smoking With Vape

Going ‘cold turkey’ can be one of the hardest things when it comes to quitting smoking. If you want to quit smoking for good, you’ll need your body to wean off the nicotine, which will eliminate the craving to smoke. This is where vaping comes…

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31st Aug
Vape Shop

Vape Shop Tips On How To Stop Smoking And Start Vaping!

So, you’ve decided it’s time to ditch cigarettes and opt for vaping? At our online vape shop, we have everything you need to make this transition a great one. You certainly won’t regret it. But we understand that this can be a tough change, especially…

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27th Aug
refillable pods

What Are Refillable Pods?

If you’re a rookie in the world of vaping or unfamiliar with various vape terminology, terms like refillable pods may sound very foreign to you. Fortunately for you we’ve come up with a hand guide that covers everything you want to know about refillable pods…

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17th Aug
box mods

Box Mods For All Types

When it comes to box mods you need to start thinking outside of the box, as they are an essential part of the vaping experience. This addition is a real game-changer if you’re serious about getting the most out of your vape. So let’s cut…

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10th Aug
vaping supplies

Essential Vaping Supplies Checklist

Ready to dip your toes in the world of vaping, or are you more the type to dive straight in? Whatever the type of vaper you are, we’ve got you covered on everything you need when it comes to the essential vaping supplies. With this…

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