WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
7th Dec
Vaping Tips

Vaping Tips To Avoid Spitbacks

There is nothing more annoying than sitting around having a good afternoon vaping with your friends and getting that awful taste of hot e-liquid in your mouth. On top of being an extremely unpleasant taste, it can actually be quite painful since vapes heat up…

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23rd Nov
Vape RTA

Getting To Know Your Vape RTA

The Vape RTA is not for everyone. Some might even argue that this mechanism is for die hard committed vapers only. It is a more complicated system as it requires building your own coil, and does not lend itself to a simple refuel, but those…

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19th Nov
black friday sale

Black Friday Sale Starts Now!

You don’t want to miss this one! This week only get up to $25 off your entire order. See image for details. SHOP NEW ARRIVALS

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16th Nov
Vaping Tips

Vaping Indoors — Vaping Tips For Work

The idea of whipping your vape out at the office and taking some pleasant inhalations at will is ever so tempting, and the fact that vaping is not viewed in the same light as cigarettes makes that feel like an obtainable dream. Before this is…

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9th Nov
Vaping Bad For You

Vaping Health Benefits – Is Vaping Bad For You?

Is vaping bad for you? This is not a debate that seems to be going anywhere. The one hindrance to resolving the argument that some might observe is that vape has not truly been around long enough to see long term results on your health….

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26th Oct

Vaping Supplies: Replacing Old Vape Coils

Replacing your old vape coil is always a time to celebrate. You no longer have to deal with a lingering burnt taste when dragging on your vape. Your flavor won’t be compromised by your old coil anymore either. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your…

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19th Oct
vape rda guide

Vape RDA Guide

What is a Vape RDA? New vapers may not be familiar with all theterms, tricks and mods that come along with their vape, but that’s what makesthe journey so incredible. The type of vape deviceyou own will depend on your vaping experience – for example…

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12th Oct
Premium E-Liquids

Premium E-Liquids vs “Cheap/Regular” E-Liquids

One of the hottest debates in the world of vaping is whether or not Premium E-liquids are really that much better than regular or cheap e-liquids to justify their price. Each side has their own points of reasoning and make very compelling arguments as to…

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9th Oct
Leaking Vape Tanks

How to Avoid Leaking Vape Tanks

One of the most annoying things all vapers have experienced is having their expensive vape juice leak all over their mods, clothes and carry cases. While some vape tanks like the Smok TFV8 have issues leaking if not set up properly, leaks can occur with…

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5th Oct
ohm's law

Ohm’s Law

It may seem weird to have to relive your high school science classes, when all you want to do is build the most amazing vape, but sometimes those classes can come in handy. If you want to continue vaping safely you need to understand the…

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