WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

E-Juice vs Nicotine Salts

nicotine salts

When it comes to the fast growing world of vape a desire for more leads to fantastic innovation! Each new vape design is becoming more customizable and more personal than before: some people want a smooth vape experience (without the’ burn’), while others want a more ‘authentic’ cigarette experience. With the arrival of nicotine salts, a whole new range of doors have opened. The question is: Which one is right for you?

Nicotine Salts vs E-Juice

E-juice has been around for quite some time, while nicotine salts are a recent development. It’s not easy to say which is better, as it depends on personal preferences. First of all, you need to know how each one works. Then you need to check out the pros and cons, so that you can weigh up the options.

  • E-Juice

    Yogi Blueberry Granola Bar 60ml E-liquidAlso known as freebase nicotine, “E-Juice” is the original vape liquid. It comes with a variety of different nicotine levels, ranging from zero nicotine to around 12mg. It is the purest form of nicotine and is simply added to a ‘juice’. This juice is comprised of FDA-approved compounds, known as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. This form of nicotine has a high PH level, which is what makes your throat burn after inhaling. This is why it is often compared to cigarettes, due to the similar feeling it gives at the back of the throat. Although E-juice has a high PH level compared to nicotine salts, it uses less nicotine, as the burn would be too much to smoke in large quantities. Due to its pure form, it takes longer for the body to absorb, as it does not contain other compounds or chemicals.

  • Nicotine Salts

    Yogi Blueberry Granola Bar 30ml Nic SaltUnlike the pure form of freebase nicotine, Nicotine salts have added organic compounds. These salts are found in its natural state in the tobacco leaf. In order to effectively ‘release’ the nicotine, it would need to be smoked at extremely high temperatures – something that isn’t exactly ideal! The solution to this? Benzoic acid.

    Benzoic acid is the ‘secret ingredient’ in nicotine salts, allowing it to be vaped at lower temperatures while keeping a high concentrate of nicotine. What’s more, it lowers the PH level in the mixture, resulting is a smoother experience. This chemical helps the body to absorb nicotine quickly and effectively, while E-juice tends to take longer.

Which One is for You?

Each comes with its own pros and cons, depending on what kind of smoker you are. Before deciding, ask yourself these questions first:

  1. Do I want a more ‘authentic’ cigarette experience – where there is a bit of a throat burn and natural taste?
  2. Do I want a smooth experience?
  3. Am I a heavy smoker that needs lots of nicotine?
  4. Am I willing to spend lots of money?
  5. Do I want a lower battery usage?

Pros and Cons: E-Juice


  • There is far more to choose from in terms of vaporizer devices. E-juice has been around a long time, and its pure form allows it to be mixed in a variety of e-Juice flavors, as well as be used in a variety of different vaporizers.
  • The slower absorption rate means less nicotine, which is better for your body and may help to quit smoking in the long run.
  • Its glycerin and propylene glycerol additives allow for a variety in flavor and vapor density, which means you can tailor your vaping experience to suit your taste.


  • It needs a higher temperature, and therefore would take more battery life.
  • The nicotine levels are low, and it takes longer to ‘hit’.
  • The burn might be too much, and so is not for those who want a smooth vaping experience.

Pros and Cons: Nicotine Salts


  • Works with newer vape technology. Because it is a relatively new invention, it works with most new vaporizers, which can offer more benefits due to new technology and innovative designs. For example, some offer a longer battery life, better nicotine absorption and a bigger variety of vapor volume to choose from.
  • More nicotine. Because of the benzoic acid, it allows for faster absorption and less burn, allowing up to 50mg of nicotine.
  • Nicotine salts are designed to be less volatile, which means they’re more stable. More stability means a longer shelf life, as it does not ‘go off’ as quickly as e-juice.
  • The temperature does not need to be high due to benzoic acid, therefore less battery life needed!


  • The fast absorption means that the nicotine levels may become too high, therefore limiting your options.
  • Another limitation is that nicotine salts are often limited to vape pens or smaller devices, due to the fact it does not use a high temperature.

The next step would be to talk to a reputable vape shop who can show you what each product can offer. At Gr8ApeVape, we have a large variety of different vaporizers, offering a massive range of E-juice and nicotine salts. If you have any questions, give us a call!

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