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Getting To Know Your Vape RTA

Vape RTA

The Vape RTA is not for everyone. Some might even argue that this mechanism is for die hard committed vapers only. It is a more complicated system as it requires building your own coil, and does not lend itself to a simple refuel, but those who get into using this system inevitably swear by it. Rebuildable tank atomizers involve building your own coil, and the end game is for way better flavor.

Knowing how to get through the rebuilding of your coil, and being generally familiar with your RTA, will ensure that the process becomes enjoyable and quick. Here are some pointers and hints that will help you get comfortable with your RTA and get rid of the regular problems experienced initially.

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Burnt Taste

Some might say this is the worst thing that a vaper can experience. In a more positive twist, it is a sign that something is broke and you can begin learning how to identify what it is and how to fix it. Don’t give up the vape because of being burned too badly too many times. This is not that kind of love story. This one can totally be fixed.

  • Recoil

    It’s time to recoil. We don’t mean recoil from vaping. We mean it’s time for a fresh vape coil. Once you’ve got this process of making the perfect coil down, this might even become your favorite part. Loads of people find their groove with coiling and it becomes their vape signature, in a sense.

  • Patience for Priming

    Priming seems to be a favorite method of preventing that burning sensation. We know this involves waiting, which is not ideal in the short term, but if you are all about getting the best rather than the quickest vape experience, then this needs to be written into your methods. Make priming something of a ritual.

  • Watts

    Higher watts could be burning your coil. It helps to get to know your RTA by playing around with the watt settings. Start low and move higher until it’s just right.

  • Juice

    Thicker juices can create a burnt taste. Try different juices until you find one with a thickness that complements your device.

  • Packing

    Too much cotton in the air spaces is another culprit for a burnt taste. Refer to the pointers below regarding how to set your cotton just right.

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Dry Hits

Usually this is a result of the wicking process. With RTAs, you don’t have the luxury of ready-made wicks that are pre-constructed to work. You need to learn your device and what works best, but there are some helpful tips out there. Or right here, rather. Firstly, this happens most of the time in RTAs because the wick has not been built for optimum movement of liquid through the mechanism.

  • Wick

    Check that the cotton is not too compressed. Moisture needs to be able to travel through it so create some space by stretching or fluffing it out a bit.

  • Flow

    Check the points of contact between wick and device to make sure no part is stifling the flow.

  • Combinations

    Pay close attention to how much cotton you use and how your RTA device responds each time so that you can learn how to use the absolute correct amount of cotton out of habit each time. This is going to be impacted by the thickness of your vape liquid, which also depends on your device. Thicker liquid will work better with less cotton as their will be more space for the thicker liquid to get into and be soaked up.

  • Shaping

    When cutting your wick around the deck, get as close as possible in an effort to make sure no wick extends past the edge of the deck.

  • Blockages

    The cotton should sit gently on top of the juice channel. Cutting it into shape will help with this, but ultimately it is about not shoving it into the channel in such a way that it creates a blockage. The same goes for not blocking the hole where air needs to flow.

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When you are replacing the cap, notice any pieces that get in the way and seem out of place with what you are trying to achieve, so that you can slowly start perfecting the process of building your coil. Another issue that can occur making it unpleasant to vape with an RTA is habitually flooding your wick and so it would be worthwhile perfecting this art, too.

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