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How to Avoid Leaking Vape Tanks

Leaking Vape Tanks

One of the most annoying things all vapers have experienced is having their expensive vape juice leak all over their mods, clothes and carry cases. While some vape tanks like the Smok TFV8 have issues leaking if not set up properly, leaks can occur with any tank. Whether you already have a leaking vape tank, or you’d prefer not to take any risks, here are a few useful tricks to prevent or stop your vape tank from leaking.

Preventative Tips

  • Take Care When Refilling E-liquid

    This may seem obvious, but it is a surprisingly common error many vapers make. When refilling your vape tank, there are three things you need to make sure you’ve done. Firstly, make sure you are filling your vape correctly. Some vapes do require a bit of disassembly, but the majority of vapes will have a convenient refill point, this reduces any errors that may occur when refilling. Secondly, it is very easy to spill E-liquid down the chimney of your vape whilst refilling it, which can lead to leaks and gurgling when you use your vape. Should you accidentally spill any liquid down the chimney, clean it out with a paper towel before using your vape. Lastly, your vape tank is marked with a maximum level, don’t ever refill pass this line, as it may cause unnecessary pressure in the tank, and cause seals to fail or even crack your tank.
  • Choose the Correct E-liquid

    Depending on your vape, the viscosity it can handle varies. The VG (Vegetable Glycerin) percentage, is what the viscosity of each e-liquid. If your vape is the king of clouds, using a low viscosity fluid, basically anything below 70% VG will cause the liquid to easily slip through the juice ports and cause leaking. A general rule of thumb is, if you are a big clouds vaper, use an e-liquid that has a 70% or higher VG percentage, and for MTL (mouth to lung) vapers, any e-liquid with a VG percentage lower than 70% is ideal.
  • Vape Maintenance

    Just like any other device, you want to do regular preventative maintenance every few months. One of the easiest ways of maintaining your vape is by giving your tank a good cleaning. In some cases, residue from old e-liquids build up in the tank, and can prevent air tight seals from doing their work. Take the time to disassemble your tank, wash it with warm soapy water, thoroughly rinse out the tank to make sure no soap is left behind and leave it to dry. During this time, you also have great opportunity to check your vape’s coils, seals and other internal components for damage that might need to be repaired.

Troubleshooting the Cause of Leaks

  • Check for Physical Damage

    We’ll start with the worst-case scenario. It’s happened to the best of us, accidentally dropping our vapes or knocking them, to not storing them properly can all lead to damage to our vapes, and this damage often requires replacement parts. Should your vape start leaking, the first thing you want to do is take it apart and give it a good cleaning, once clean you can begin inspecting for damage. A hairline crack in the glass, or dented metal near the seal often give e-liquids an escape route. Luckily replacement parts for vapes are not expensive, and some vendors can tap out dents from the metal.
  • Check your Seals And O-rings

    The next factor that leads to leaking is damaged seals caused by damaged or missing o-rings. A simple way to repair the majority of leaks is to make sure the right size o-rings are fitted in the correct location. A new set of o-rings is also a good bit of preventative maintenance that can be done cheaply and at home. When installing new o-rings, make sure they are seated and secured properly, and try to make sure you aren’t over tightening your device. Some vapes use screws to keep the device together, and extra care needs to be taken to ensure the screws don’t cross screw, and sit upright in the thread. In worse case scenarios, the thread may be worn, and will require a new tank.
  • Check Your Coil

    The first thing to check when dealing with your vape coil, is to make sure your coil is screwed in properly and is not damaging the thread. If that doesn’t fix your leak, then simply replace the coil, which is also an ideal time to upgrade if you’re considering it. If you need to stock up on coils we have a variety of suitable replacement coils in stock.

If after all this your device is still leaking, we recommend you take your device to a repair specialist as they will be able to help pinpoint your issue and suggest the best way to repair it. We at Gr8 Ape Vape want to make vaping accessible to everyone, so we stock the best vape kits, accessories and service parts for any of your vaping needs!

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