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Premium E-Liquids vs “Cheap/Regular” E-Liquids

Premium E-Liquids

One of the hottest debates in the world of vaping is whether or not Premium E-liquids are really that much better than regular or cheap e-liquids to justify their price. Each side has their own points of reasoning and make very compelling arguments as to why. We find it unfair to rope regular E-liquid in with cheap E-liquid as there are good regular E-liquids.

Premium vs Regular Vs Cheap E-liquids

  • Premium E-Liquids

    Premium E-liquids are the most expensive E-liquids on the market. They are the made with more expensive ingredients and have by far the strictest quality control to ensure that flavor is consistent. These e-liquids are generally created by mixers, who will take a base flavor, like cherry, and mix it with other flavors to create something that’s truly unique and has its own characteristics. If you took two Cherry flavored premium e-liquids from two separate manufacturers, you may find one will use natural nicotine, and have a cherry taste with mixes of apple, and a pepper like taste that would accompany the flavor of a cherry cigar, whilst the other brand may use a combination of flavors that are closer to the taste of a classic cherry pie, with synthetic nicotine to give a far smoother, pure cherry taste. Premium E-liquids give you a far greater range of tastes, and are designed to be consistent from batch to batch, as well as being easy on your vape.
  • Regular E-Liquids

    Most beginner vapers start off with regular E-liquids. There is no harm in using regular E-liquids as they, just like premium E-liquids, have to pass certain health regulations, and produce liquids to the specification of the companies who produce vapes. Regular E-liquids tend to be made in larger batches, with less sophisticated flavors. So, a cherry flavor from two completely different e-juice producers are more likely to taste the same. Regular e-liquids also almost exclusively use natural nicotine, as natural nicotine is just over 10x cheaper than synthetic alternatives, which also leads to regular E-liquids not having the same smoothness that premium e-liquids have. Consistency is still vital to regular e-liquids, but the risk of a dud batch is still possible.
  • Cheap E-Liquids

    We recommend you try to stay away from cheap E-liquids. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but generally Chinese imported and other low-cost e-liquids are cheap for a reason. At first glance a cheap e-liquid is far cloudier than a regular counterpart, and may even have stuff floating in it. This is due to the high production volumes of these e-liquids and the fact they use impure nicotine solutions. In some more terrifying cases, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) are cut with other substances, which can lead to these e-liquids damaging and blocking your coils, and in even more drastic cases cause your equipment to corrode. Cheap e-liquids have very poor-quality control, and the taste, color and even viscosity can vary drastically from batch to batch.

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How to Spot a Cheap E-Liquid

Don’t let packaging fool you, there are only a few sure tell ways to identify a cheap E-liquid. As we stated before, a murky liquid with stuff floating in it is definitely an E-liquid you want to avoid. Another way to tell is by comparing the color and viscosity of the e-liquid to the other bottles of the brand on display. If the colors vary between yellow and green, and they seem to flow at different rates in the bottle, stay away from that E-liquid. Always look for consistency when shopping E-liquids. The second way to tell, is by trusting your body, if you open a fresh container of e-liquid and it smells bad, or tastes bad after the first puff, your body is telling you there is something wrong. If you do decide to move from a cheap e-liquid to something more expensive, or maybe you just want a new flavor, it’s a good idea to clean out your vape tank, so that you don’t contaminate the flavors of the e-liquid. We at Gr8 Ape Vape pride ourselves in stocking only the best E-liquids, that will suit your budget, flavor palette and your vape itself.

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