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Regulated vs Unregulated Mods

Vape Mods

When it comes to vape mods, you might not be aware of the options you have, and how they can affect your overall vape experience. Most mods on the market are regulated and are the most popular choice for vapers of all levels. We take a look at the differences between regulated and unregulated mods and explore why regulated are the best choice for you and your vaping needs.

What is a Regulated Vape Mod?

GeekVape Aegis Legend ModRegulated mods contain a circuit board, which works to regulate the current, while controlling the functions of your vape. The circuit board controls the flow of power and has built-in mechanisms to protect the device from safety issues such as short circuiting, malfunctioning, and overheating. The circuit feature in your regulated mod also works to improve the efficiency of the device and helps to extend the battery life. Regulated mods are therefore more practical for everyday use, as well as generally being more accessible as they contain a number of practical and safety features.

Any device that has a variable voltage or wattage setting is a regulated device, which typically includes most box mods. A regulated device will have safeguards, safety features, and power adjustments which help to make your vape experience safer. Regulated mods are suitable for casual to seasoned vapers for the best experience.

There are generally two types of regulated devices:

  • Adjustable Power

    This type of device has a feature that controls the power to the atomizer, keeping it constant. When the battery drops below the minimum voltage limit, it’ll need to be charged.

  • Fixed Voltage

    Fixed voltage regulated mods usually include e-cigs and pen-style vapes, which include a fixed voltage battery power, that comes from built-in batteries (rechargeable and disposable). Like an unregulated mod, a vape with a fixed voltage device will drain as the battery loses power. These types of regulated mods are popular with beginners as they don’t require instructions and are easy to use.

Benefits of a Regulated Mod

  • They are safer than unregulated mods.
  • Easier to use than unregulated mods, especially for beginners.
  • Easy to recharge.
  • Battery life is increased.
  • Contains a digital display, keeping you informed about all features.

Another important aspect when choosing your mod is considering how the vape industry is regulated by the government. Safety features such as circuit boards and other features are taken very seriously, meaning that regulated devices are tested and approved because of their safety features.

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What is an Unregulated Vape Mod?

Vandy Vape Pulse BF KitAn unregulated device or mechanical mod refers to a vape device that has a coil wired directly to the battery. This transfers raw battery power to an atomizer, but has no electronic circuit, screen, safety features or power adjustments. Unregulated mods come in many forms and in different materials (like plastic and wood). They usually contain one or more batteries, sending raw battery power to the coil and the atomizer. While unregulated devices are simple in how they function, they will power the device even if the atomizer has a short – which is bad for your vape and can be dangerous for you. Unregulated mods are less safe than regulated devices, and require an understanding of numerous features that can be very complicated. So, unless you have educated yourself on using unregulated mechanical mods, it is recommended that you stick to regulated mods for your safety and ease of vaping comfort and efficiency.

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