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Vape Charger and Battery Safety

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Vaping is gaining popularity, and as with all things popular, this means there are plenty of cheap equipment alternatives flooding the market. This also means we start seeing an alarming increase in vaping accidents. While buying quality e-juice is the most important aspect of vape maintenance, vape charger and battery safety cannot be overlooked.

Why Vape Accidents Happen

The biggest cause of vape related injuries is due to devices spontaneously exploding. The cause of these explosions more often than not is because of the battery. All vape devices use a lithium-ion battery, which is also used in cell phones, laptops and even in hybrid cars. Lithium-ion batteries are used to heat up your coil and turn your e-juice into vapor. When these batteries get damaged, one of the chemicals in the battery, the electrolyte, begins to heat up. As it heats up and passes its boiling point, the chemical expands and creates pressure inside the battery (we often interpret this as battery swelling) and eventually breaks through the seal, causing a sudden explosion.

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There are many things that cause a lithium-ion battery to heat up, but there are a few usual suspects, that make up the majority of accidents.

  • Direct Sunlight

    Direct sunlight is the biggest culprit, and many vapers have been guilty of leaving their device in the sun which heats up the battery and causes it to explode. This doesn’t mean you can’t smoke outside. You should just be aware of leaving your device in the direct sunlight, or in an enclosed area that is in direct sunlight such as the glovebox of your car.

  • Short Circuits

    As vaping becomes more popular, many knockoffs and cheaply built devices are flooding the market. As tempting as the price tag is, we recommend you stay away from these. They do not go through the same testing as approved manufacturers put their devices through. This can lead to cheap inferior batteries being installed that can explode from the heat of the devices coil, or poorly soldered components causing a short circuit and over-heating the battery.

  • Non-Sanctioned Chargers

    Most manufacturers will recommend you don’t use chargers from other devices or generic chargers. The reason for this is because different devices have different inverters and their batteries run either a different voltage or current. This can put more charge than the device is designed to handle and was the main reason behind Samsung’s exploding phones. Using a generic or cheap charger causes the same issue, as they are often labeled with one rating, but put out a completely different rating because they were never tested. Overcharging has the same effect. Smartphones and computers have regulators to lower the charge reaching the battery, and while some high end vapes have this feature too, many do not. It is recommended you unplug your vape as soon as it is charged.

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How to Reduce the Chance of Battery Failure

intellicharger i4The easiest way to prevent an accident occurring is to purchase a vape, and all the associated accessories from an authorized reseller. Authorized resellers will soon be required by law to sell FDA approved devices, accessories and replacement parts. This extends to batteries and chargers. The FDA is currently providing a guidance draft for approved devices. You should also consider purchasing a carry case for your vape to prevent fall damage from breaking your device. If you have any fears that the device is damaged, you can use a regular battery checker to check the voltage of the battery or take the device to a repair center as quickly as possible.

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