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Vape RDA Guide

vape rda guide

What is a Vape RDA?

vape rda guideNew vapers may not be familiar with all theterms, tricks and mods that come along with their vape, but that’s what makesthe journey so incredible. The type of vape deviceyou own will depend on your vaping experience – for example a new vaper mayhave a standard vape device. That will change as you delve deeper into theworld of vaping. You will try to customize your vape to suit your specificneeds. A vape RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) allows vapers to drip. Nowdripping isn’t something that every vaper does, but it is handy when you don’tfeel like changing your tank every time you want to try a new flavor.

The Basics of Dripping

Dripping, simply put, is the act of dropping a few droplets of vape juice onto the coil itself instead of filling your vape tank to the brim with your current flavor of the day. This way you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of flavors without needing to empty your tank or change it out for a new one with a different liquid. Fun fact: Dripping can lead to thicker clouds and stronger flavors.

Time to Tinker with an RDA

vape rda guideYou may think that you can use your normal vape to drip instead of getting an RDA but for those that like to tinker, an RDA is the way to go. A rebuildable dripping atomizer allows vapers to customize the vapes coils to their hearts content. If you like to tinker or experiment ways to get the most out of your vape an RDA is the way forward. Different materials can be used to enhance your drip as well as the density of the vapor that you puff out.

Unlike filling your tank to the brim with vape juice, dripping forces you to only use a few droplets of juice on the coil. This does mean that you will need to re-add vape juice to the coil after a couple of puffs. But it’s fantastic if you enjoy taking your time at home to test out a variety of flavors. Remember that dripping is more suitable for when you’re chilling at home than out and about, as you will need to re-drip after a few puffs.

A Breakdown of RDA Benefits

  • Thicker clouds
  • Intense flavors that are interchangeable
  • Cost effective (as you’re using less vape juice)
vape rda

The Difference between a normal tank and an RDA

A normal tank is generally filled to the brim with vape juice. This means that the amount of liquid that reaches the coil is regulated. When you drip, you’re adding juice directly to the coil and you control the amount of juice. When tinkering with your RDA, you can ensure that the coils are modified to your specific standards. Depending on what you do and how much you know, you may even be able to attempt to use Ohm’s Law to your advantage.

Remember, your RDA is specifically designed to allow you to drip your flavor directly onto the coil. Normal vapes with built-in atomizers are not built for customization or dripping.

Buying your own RDA

Hellvape Drop Dead RDAFinding the perfect fit can be daunting. If you’re new to the vaping scene, it’s always advisable to stick to reputable brands. These brands have an established name in the industry which means all equipment should meet the relevant safety standards.

Do thorough research on how to drip properly and safely, and to ensure you’ll get the most out of your dripping experience.

Remember you’re more than welcome to reach out to a member of the Gr8 Ape Vape team if you’re uncertain. The team is always willing to help our customers by offering them only the best vape products and accessories at affordable rates.

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