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Vaping Indoors — Vaping Tips For Work

Vaping Tips

The idea of whipping your vape out at the office and taking some pleasant inhalations at will is ever so tempting, and the fact that vaping is not viewed in the same light as cigarettes makes that feel like an obtainable dream. Before this is something you assume is okay, there are some factors worth considering. Even if the laws seem to allow it, there are other considerations. At the very least, peruse these vaping tips before filling your office space with the scent of your favorite flavor.

The Obvious Factor of the Law and Vaping Indoors

Of course, it is best to find out first and foremost if the state you work in has specific laws and views governing vaping indoors. Florida seems on the cusp of banning it to the same extent as smoking, and so it may be worthwhile to just go ahead and treat it like you would smoking. As much as we can point out how differently vape products impact health when compared to cigarettes, the law is the law. Florida laws do not regulate all public spaces in exactly the same way with regards to vape smoke and tobacco products as yet and so it is worth asking the organization for their policy, which is required to be legally current.

Office Policy on Vaping at Work

A company has the prerogative to outline their own conditions on these matters, as long as their own policies do not counter the letter of the law in any way and that it does not leave them vulnerable to legal issues that may be grey areas. Their employees, and that means all employees – vapers and non-vapers alike – have to be comfortable with the way a company implements the law. Make sure to ask someone who knows, not Joe Soap in the next cubicle over, what is the company’s take on vape.

indoor vaping tips

Co-Workers and Space

At the end of the day, none of us vape loving folk want to nurture the same attitude towards us that people have for smokers. We should be making sure our vape habits are not upsetting to others. Even if you have vape friendly areas, the considerate thing is to always ask. You will experience more freedom or potential success with the refillable pods system which will allow you to carry it easily to any area, being so supremely portable.

Your Own Environment

If you think about it, having to leave the office space to vape up also means stretching your legs. This is good. Studies are suggesting that sitting during the day is as bad as smoking. So, the irony of switching to vape to rid yourself of the hazards of smoking only to replace them with the habit of getting so comfortable in your space that you vape there too is marginally counter-intuitive. This is why, regardless of policy and companions, we suggest taking your vape for regular walks in the great outdoors.

Be Prepared for Vaping Conditions

SV Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod Kit

The pod system is a great way to arrive at work knowing you are prepared for the day in terms of vaping. The pod system has everything readily available for you and is the ideal on the go kit. It has the benefit of being portable while still being a fully functional system. If you are going to be taking those long walks with the goal of vaping, the system really is the way forward. It has latest coil tech and is way more leak proof than some other systems. These little issues are the ones that make vaping at work usually a frustration and so these are the elements in a system that will sway your decision to vape at work or to not vape at work. The downsides are that it does need refilling and recharging more regularly, but it could be worth it for the stronger hit and the other convenience factors. 

You should revisit this list each time you start at a new work space. Also consider that changes in your work environment, even when not moving jobs, can also impact whether or not it is okay for you to vape at will. Changes in staff and management should cause you to check again on what is acceptable. Stay abreast of laws and company policies. We think it basically comes down to simply staying informed – on regulations and people’s preferences.

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