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Vaping Tips To Avoid Spitbacks

Vaping Tips

There is nothing more annoying than sitting around having a good afternoon vaping with your friends and getting that awful taste of hot e-liquid in your mouth. On top of being an extremely unpleasant taste, it can actually be quite painful since vapes heat up e-liquid to very high temperatures in order to vaporize it. When this hot liquid hits the top of your mouth, its unpleasant to say the least. In the vaping world, when this liquid “jumps” out of your vape, it is known as spitback. This is essentially small drops of e-liquid which was not properly vaporized gets spit up through the vape and hits you in the mouth as you are inhaling.

A question to ask is why this happens and how to prevent it. There are many reasons why your vape can be causing spitbacks. These include lack of care, overflooding your coil (which can get clogged), or having too much e-liquid in the chamber which causes the vaporizer to stop vaping and instead starts boiling or cooking the e-liquid.

People often think that if their vape is causing spitbacks that there is a problem with the fundamental functionality of the vape, or they think that their vape might be broken. Over the years, vapers have learnt their own techniques on how to avoid or prevent spitbacks, and we are going to share some of these tips and tricks. Remember, obviously some may work better for you than others, depending on type of vape you have.

vape tips to avoid spitback

Top Vaping Tips to Avoid Spitbacks

Spitbacks are actually very easy to avoid if you know what to look out for. The following tips are things to look at or that can easily be changed about your vape in order to perhaps reduce the risk or chance of getting spitbacks when you are trying to enjoy your favorite e-juice.

  1. Be Careful When You Prime

    Priming is the term used when you add the e-liquid directly to your coil. If you aren’t careful and you drip too much, you can flood the coil. A flooded coil does not vaporize as well as causing unpleasant spitbacks. With RDAs (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers) you can also get spitbacks. Make sure that the wicks are soaked, but not drowned. Make sure a pool of liquid doesn’t build up in the chamber.

    Eventually you will get used to how much e-liquid your coil or vape needs.

  2. Remove Excess E-Liquid

    If you see that there is excess e-liquid forming in your chimney, there is a chance that it can leak onto your coil and cause spitbacks. There is a very easy solution to this problem. Simply remove the drip tip and dip a rolled-up tissue paper down the chimney to soak up the excess e-liquid.

  3. Turn Up The Heat

    If you are running your vape at a lower temperature, you may not be vaporizing e-liquid quickly enough, causing build up on the coil and eventually leading to spitbacks. Turn the heat up little by little to see if this improves the problem.

  4. Burn It Off

    If you’ve already dripped to much liquid into the chamber or on the coil, just burn away some of it. Pressing the fire button before inhaling can get rid of the additional e-liquid. Once the popping sounds stop, you’re good to go.

  5. Take A Deep Breath

    If you’re someone that likes to take sharp, big breaths you are at risk of flooding the chamber. When the chamber is flooded, then the vaporizer struggles to keep up this obviously causes more spitbacks way to avoid this is to take gentler in heels so they can be just as big but don’t need to be so sharp.

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