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What Are Refillable Pods?

refillable pods

If you’re a rookie in the world of vaping or unfamiliar with various vape terminology, terms like refillable pods may sound very foreign to you. Fortunately for you we’ve come up with a hand guide that covers everything you want to know about refillable pods and never thought to ask about.

What is a Pod System?

iPV ReFi Pod SystemA vaping pod system is a device similar to the basic e-cigarette with different vaporizer options, and depending on the type of system, either comes with refillable pods or non-refillable pods. These devices make use of a pod rather than a traditional tank or atomizer. Their purpose is the same: hold the e-liquid and vaporize it, in order to create vapor at the mouthpiece. An open pod is refillable, therefore allows you to put whichever e-liquid you’d like inside. In contrast to this is a closed pod – it comes loaded with e-liquid that is not refillable – once it’s done you throw it away. This means that your choice is limited in terms of flavor, as it cannot be changed in an open pod. A pod system is ideal for someone who is looking for something discreet and portable.

What are Refillable Pods?

iPV ReFi Pods 2-PackIn the vaping world, refillable pods refer to the part of the device that houses the e-liquid (or e-juice). Refillable pods get their name from the pod system because they accept pods – referring to small refills of e-liquid, designed specifically for the device.

Who Should Use the Pod System and Refillable Pods?

They are often a common choice for those who are new to vaping or are used to the feel of a traditional cigarette. This is a perfect method for those who are transitioning between cigarettes or cigarette-like devices and advanced vape devices, because the device is similar in shape and feel to a cigarette or e-cig. The batteries are small in comparison to mods, which gives an indication of how long it last between charges. Pod systems are ideal for those who are interested in simple vaping, without all the mods and additions, but are more into a stream-liked device that is easy to use and subtle.

What are the Choices for Refillable Pods Flavors?

Villain Vapors Dillinger Nic Salt 30mlMost of these refillable pods come filled with a flavor already, however nowadays with the ever-changing world of vaping, the newer refillable pod models allow you to choose and customize your flavor as you desire. Pods usually have a smaller capacity than other tanks, however this depends on the device. They are low maintenance, as the pods can be easily pushed into place and pulled out when you want to switch flavors, or once it is finished. Then the e-liquid is topped up, and you can continue to vape your compact and efficient pod device. Bear in mind that you get lower vape levels with a pod system, so often these types of vapes are more popular for those who want more nicotine.

The pod design makes it easy to use, as the refillable pods simply pop in and out. All you need to do is inhale and refill it when necessary. If you’re after something that is sleek and reliable and comes with different flavors, rather than prioritizing lots of smoke and long-lasting results, the pod system and refillable pods may just be right for you. Now all that’s left is to check that your device has enough e-juice and get vaping. If you have any questions, call (877) 687-9589 now for more information.

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